On the exhibition

Floor vase

Bay | Eduard Bay Keramikfabrik / Germany

A large ceramic vase, the so-called floor. It comes from the 70’s. Glazed in deep cobalt color with decorative glaze locally glossy. Made in Germany by Bay. Signed: W. Germany and numerically: 890 45.

Clapp armchair

Piotr Kuchciński | Noti / Poland

Inspired by the popular in the 1960s armchairs on wooden legs (especially the armchair 366 by Józef Chierowski). Clapp refers to their construction principle. The form of the furniture with strongly outlined edges and clearly emphasized proportions of wooden elements is modern in expression. The combination of vintage aesthetics and contemporary shapes as well as a large selection of wood finishes and upholstery materials give you freedom to create an individual collection. The Clapp collection consists of a sofa, an armchair and two tables of different sizes and was awarded the Red Dot Product Design Award 2014.

Flowerbed Galimatias

Sylwia Sokołowska | Elementuj / Poland

The Galimatias flowerbed is modern and minimalist in form. Thanks to it’s functionality, it will control the disorder / mess. You can arrange it freely and compose plants, books and other elements on it. Galimatias (in Polish) – general disorder or confusion.

Plopp | Stool

Oskar Zięta / Poland

The unique shape of the Plopp is the result of molding using the innovative FiDU technology. The FiDU technology consists in the fact that two thin sheets are welded together along the outline and then inflated under high pressure to obtain a three-dimensional object.

The 3-seater Glädje sofa

Piotr Mielcarek | Scandic Sofa / Poland

Scandic Sofa furniture is made in a Polish factory, but the style is inspired by Scandinavia. Most people associate Scandinavia with cold, for good reason. Its inhabitants surround themselves with furniture and accessories that bring warmth and coziness to the house.

Tonuki bench

Katarzyna Dzięcioł | Karbonado / Poland

The Tonuki bench is a unique piece of furniture that combines beauty and functionality. A seating area, a practical shoe storage box and a plant pot, precisely was made of natural solid wood. Each piece of the bench will be unique as are the different species of trees and their stories. In this case, the project was completed by the beauty of the Polish sweet cherry. Unwanted wood from old fruit trees, not much liked by carpenters and rarely used in furniture production, has gained a new life in Tonuki. The author of the design for the Tonuki project received the Good Design® 2019 award. The bench was presented in Milan during the Satellite Salone del Mobile, at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in the Design Studios section and at the European Center in Athens during the Good Design® Show 2020.

Mishell table

Piotr Kuchciński | Noti / Poland

Products by Piotr Kuchciński have received many prestigious awards, including the Red Dot Design Award twice: in 2013 for the H2 table for the BALMA brand and in 2014 for the Clapp sofa for the NOTI brand.

Kajtek coffee set

Zofia Galińska / Poland

Design date: 1961.

Large UFO vase

Scheurich / Germany

Produced in Germany by the Scheurich company. Signed numerically: 690-17. It comes from the 60’s.

Full Moon chest of drawers

Nowieńskie Fabryki Mebli | renowacja 50store / Poland

A collection inspired by the changing phases of the moon. The simple commode from the 1960s has undergone a major renovation. New decorative fronts have been designed to facilitate opening. The whole is protected with ecological semi-mat varnish with high resistance and wax.

Lady with a mirror figurine

Lubomir Tomaszewski / Poland

Design date: 1958. The Lady with a Mirror is an example of a great sense of material and an outstanding sculptural talent by the designer. The organic form, with openwork and no unnecessary elements, makes the figurine delightful with its lightness.

Set for drinks

Author unknown / Denmark

A set for drinks made of crystal glass in a smoky color. He comes from Denmark in the 70’s. The set includes a massive carafe and 6 glasses. Handmade glass.

Platter Casserole

Oskar Zięta / Poland

The saucepan is an extraordinary plate because it has no bottom – it serves rather as a frame for items placed inside the circle. The saucepan can be used for an attractive presentation of various items, from pralines, through fruit, and ending with typically decorative elements.

Epuzer flowerbed

Sylwia Sokołowska | Elementuj / Poland

Elementuj believes in taking the planet and people seriously. All products are handmade with the help of local artisans.

U-floe flowerbed

Bejot / Poland

The flower beds were inspired by ice floes, which in a completely random way create interesting, harmonizing arrangements. Bejot is a customer-friendly, socially and ecologically responsible company. An important element of the business strategy as well as culture and philosophy of management is care for the surroundings and the natural human environment. Over 25 years, Bejot has transformed from a small carpentry workshop into a thriving manufacturer of office chairs and armchairs.

Cow figurine

Lubomir Tomaszewski / Poland

Design date: 1959.

BeoMaster 1900/1900-2 Tuner/Amplifier

Jacob Jensen | Bang & Olufsen / Denmark

Design date: 1976. The 1970s were an exciting time for Bang & Olufsen. Another breakthrough in this decade was the Beomaster 1900, a radio receiver and amplifier introduced in 1976. Once again, the design and operation differed significantly from other contemporary products. Jacob Jensen has created a new design language that is flat and electronically communicating.

A pair of Rockabilly chairs

Author unknown / Germany

A pair of chairs popularly known as stick insects. Manufactured in the 60’s. The beech woodwork has undergone a thorough renovation, finished with glossy varnish. Vinyl upholstery is washed, the interior is original – springs are in very good condition. White reflectors – covering screws have been replaced with new ones. No signatures.

Jeno flowerbed

Sylwia Sokołowska | Elementuj / Poland

Elementuj is a design brand focused on searching for combinations of functionality, aesthetics and individualism. Thanks to the great love for plants and the authentic atmosphere of the spacen Elementuj creates a timeless design with ambitions.


Author unknown / Germany

A flower bed with a decorative top. He comes from Germany from the 60’s. Made of wood, finished with a decorative gold and black trim.


ENSV KF Tartu kombinaat ARS / Estonia

Estonian ceramic vase produced during the USSR times. Signed: ENSV KF Tartu ARS combination with the author’s handwritten signature.

50/50 Full Moon table

Katarzyna Similak | 50store / Poland

A collection inspired by the changing phases of the moon. The surface of the table top has been sanded and painted multiple times to emphasize the unique structure of the wood and emphasize the grain. The original color was obtained by applying several layers of stain in various shades. The 1960s style is crowned with a gold-colored decorative border with decorative nails.

Coffee and tea set

Johannes Hansen | Noddebo Knabstrup / Denmark

From 1950 to 1970, Johannes Hansen worked as a designer for Knabstrub Keramiske Industri, where he was soon promoted to artistic director. He has implemented a number of well-known projects, including the presented popular coffee and tea set. The set includes two cups with saucers and dessert plates, a milk jug and a sugar bowl. The dishes come from the 60’s.

Singer figurine

Lubomir Tomaszewski / Poland

Design date: 1959. The Singer figurine is a perfect example of the form developed down to the smallest detail by the artist. It is a small work of art that still amazes, based on original models and mother forms, preserved in the factory.

Mirror Tile Q4 Zieta

Oskar Zięta / Poland

The steel mirror was made in the FiDU technology. You can notice unique and refracted reflections in it.

Wisent figurine

Mieczysław Naruszewicz / Poland

Design date: 1957.

Set for drinks

Lucyna Pijaczewska | Huta Szkła Artystycznego Barbara / Poland

A sunny set for cold drinks, perfect for holidays! The set comes from the Barbara Glassworks in Polanica Zdrój which in the 1970s operated under the artistic direction of professor Zbigniew Horbowy. The glassworks produced short series of art glass. Lucyna Pijaczewska was one of the most talented students of Professor Zbigniew Horbowy.

Primo coffee set

Gabriela Hoffmann-Śleżewska / Poland

Design date: 1959.

Solstice lighting

Artystokratka / Poland

Design date: 2017. The summer solstice is the longest day of the year, the shortest night. The powers of light reign on Earth … The sun lends us all its power and kindly stays with us for the longest time, and the usually short, hot night sparkles with a billion stars. The reality of the gods permeates the land of humans through and through. Magic is born at the interface between what is human and divine in us. Now it is deciding what will take over the world – Light or Darkness … Recycling is a second life – the lighting is made of worn parts of the motorcycle. Work of a student of the Academy of Art in Szczecin.

Wicker hanging mirror

Author unknown / Denmark

The hand-woven mirror frame is an artistic work of bent rattan and wicker. It was produced in the 60’s.


Bengt Åkerblom & Gunnar Eklöf / Åkerblom Stolen / Sweden

This Swedish chair was designed by Bengt Åkerblom and Gunnar Eklöf in the 1950s. Bengt Åkerblom was responsible for the ergonomics of the furniture and Gunnar Eklöf for the artistic design.